Thursday, 7 June 2012


We finally got a bit of a rest on this enlongated bank holiday but wasted a lot of it catching up with our sleep as Phil put in an all-nighter Friday and worked 22.5 hours and I gave up at 14 hours.  We did get woken up at 9.30 one morning with a callout as he forgot to turn his mobile onto voicemail though - bah.

So you can forgive him for not wanting to do much especially when we get assistance like this:


  1. awww. bless Phil and Stripey. they look so comfy!!
    hugs to you both. we work long hours too x

  2. Poor Phil looks exhausted, your new cat Stripey seems to have made himself at home bless, he does look comfy. Teresa xx

  3. Your new addition is gorgeous, what is he wearing?