Monday, 4 June 2012

Well its much nicer weather here this weekend compared to last with nice blue skies but a lovely cold-ish breeze.  For someone whose favourite weather is snow - or failing that a heavy frost with clear blue skies, last weekend was unbearable.  It was so hot last week even crafting was not fun and I felt quite ill, even though I hid in the house I looked like a wet beetroot and ended up with one eye swollen half shut and itchy bumps on the rest of my face.  It has now nearly healed thank goodness.

Even our little super-friendly feral cat Stripey who is currently not allowed out due to injuring her side on a fence wire, was grumpy and out of sorts with the heat.  Her side was pretty much healed so we gave her a break from the cone (she is a biter and removes stitches herself  norty girl) and she ended up making another wound in her leg by licking at it!  We watched the nearly healed scar like a hawk but she really caught me out making a new wound, so she is in her Dermapet cat jacket ( this weekend as it was too hot for it last week.  Here  she is modelling it:


  1. Stripey looks as if she is saying "hey look at me!! You want this coat don't you!!"
    fab photo x

  2. Sorry Stripey I called you a 'he' in my other comments, I do apologise. You look so cute in your jacket. xx

  3. oooops, where has my comment gone to?? Okay, one more try:

    Stripey, you look so funny, I bet we'd have lots of fun together. I hope your wounds have healed and you feel much better now! Meow-meow, Bailey (ps: my human friend adores your human friend's cards and she said that she will put your link in her sidebar that she won't miss any of your new creations!)